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Improving your willpower

Do you think you haven't got any willpower? Chances are you do, although it might need a bit of a boost from time to time, and you can take steps to improve it and make it easy to achieve your goals. The "marshmallow study" shows that having willpower has a knock on effect in many areas of life. In this study, some four and five-year-olds were told they could have one sweet now or two later, then they were left alone with the single sweet.

Most ate it either straight away or within a couple of minutes. Those who waited long enough to get two were also the ones who performed better at school, were healthier and more popular with their peers. When they got older they did better in exams and were more likely to go to University. Walter Mischel, who did the study, believed it was because they were more self-disciplined You can watch the marshmallow experiment here...

People who eat healthily, quit smoking without support or get things done without procrastination rarely live a constant fight with their willpower. They set up their lives so that making the right choice is the easiest one. Here are some top tips for doing that. 

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