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Hypnotherapy and Blushing


hypnotherapy for blushingGoing red in the face is a very common and unpleasant experience for many of us but some find that they blush far more easily or frequently than others. If you are aware of this or feel embarrassed by it, chances are you will just blush more. So what can you do?

How blushing can affect your life

Blushing usually happens when we're feeling embarrassed, or that we are the subject of more attention than we'd like from others. But if you blush too often, or even just feel that you do, you can become worried about interacting with others or socialising in case it happens again. You might also find yourself avoiding social situations, which can be difficult at home and at work.

Dating, in particular, can be fraught with difficulties. You might prefer to have some control over when and how you let another person know how you're feeling but if you feel that heat creeping up your chest and onto your face, it feels as if that choice has been taken away. The significant amount of fear involved in blushing may well drive people to avoid all situations they believe could cause them to go red.

Those who don't blush excessively generally don’t even think about it. It’s just not an issue. But for those who do, it's a constant source of concern.

What causes blushing?

The physical mechanism of blushing is pretty straightforward. Essentially the blood vessels in your face open wider, and let in more blood, so you look redder. Often it can happen on the chest are too.

Some physical factors, such as rosacea, the menopause, or hyperhidrosis are connected with excessive blushing, but there can also be emotional causes such as social anxiety disorder, or generalised anxiety.

These obviously need to be diagnosed by a GP before you decide to see a hypnotherapist, as some may need treatment that only a medical practitioner can provide. However, once that is done, hypnotherapy may be able to help you relax, reduce anxiety, and boost your social confidence. All these options can lead to reduced blushing.

Stop blushing with hypnosis

Your therapy may take one of two approaches.

Sometimes we work in the here and now, boosting your ability to be in situations that used to make you blush without doing so any more. At other times, we look into why you might have been blushing in the first place: sometimes it’s about an embarrassing event that happened years ago, that your unconscious mind returns to each time you are in a similar situation. Which of these will be best for you will depend on your situation and the history of your blushing.

If you would like to know more or get advice about using hypnotherapy to stop blushing, please get in touch.



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