Improving your willpower

willpower and how to improve itDo you think you haven't got any willpower? Chances are you do, although it might need a bit of a boost from time to time, and you can take steps to improve it and make it easy to achieve your goals. The "marshmallow study" shows that having willpower has a knock on effect in many areas of life. In this study, some four and five-year-olds were told they could have one sweet now or two later, then they were left alone with the single sweet. 

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Help with panic attacks

reduce panic attacksPanic attacks are sudden and very intense periods of fear, mind visit web stress and anxiety. They may last anything from minutes to hours and there may be no obvious reason for them to happen. If you experience panic attacks and want help in dealing with them, read on.


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Five things you need to know about IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

ibs and hypnotherapy blogI got interested in working with this condition when my daughter was diagnosed with it, but I've found that there are many myths and misconceptions around.

Here are a few things you can rely on.

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Smoking - seven things you may not know

smokingblog2Think you know all about cigarettes? Do you need that extra push to help you quit? Here are seven things you may not know about smoking. 

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Top tips for getting motivated

motivationDo you have a list of things you want to achieve, change or finish off but never seem to get around to? What's missing is motivation and I'm here to help you get some. In fact, you can put it on your list. 

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