Hypnosis in History: Franz Anton Mesmer

mesmer {{PD-US}} I'm sure you have heard of Mesmerism, or feeling mesmerised, but you may not know that this comes from Franz Anton Mesmer (1754-1815). He was interested in magnetism, having watched a demonstration of ‘magnetic cures’ and exorcisms by a priest called Father Maximillian Hell in 1774.

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Get rid of negative thinking

negative thinkingAre you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of thinker? To be fair, all of us think negatively from time to time. Something happens and it flits through our minds that the results of it will be bad, or uncomfortable, even though we're aware there is no particular reason that things won’t turn out well. The problem with negative thinking is that it can take over. From being an occasional, fleeting thought it can become overwhelming, and feel as if it’s out of your control.

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Happiness - can you make it happen?

happinessheader2What would make you happier? A new job? More money? Improved health? Nicer holidays? Or something else?
In fact, there research shows us that this sort of detail has surprisingly little to do with how happy we believe we are.



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Does hypnotherapy work?

does hypnothrapy workOften (and quite understandably) people ask me; “Does hypnotherapy work?” For some it’s enough that they feel better, sometimes after just one session. Often they are amazed at the change. But I can hear others saying 'Well, she would say that, wouldn't she?'

So don’t just take my word for it. The good news is that there is a lot out there and new evidence coming out all the time.

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Hypnotherapy and Blushing

blushingGoing red in the face is a very common and unpleasant experience for many of us but some find that they blush far more easily or frequently than others. If you are aware of this, remedy or feel embarrassed by it, chances are you will just blush more. So what can you do?


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