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Hypnotherapy for unwanted habits

Would you like to

  • stop biting your nails?
  • get more motivated to develop good habits?
  • improve your sleeping habits (insomnia)?
  • stop pulling hair out (trichotillomania)?
  • stop worrying, checking or counting more than you need to?

Or maybe there's some other habit you'd like to change?

Many habits are useful (or at least convenient), but some are not. They're the ones we call 'bad habits', like smoking, snacking, or biting your nails. You may feel that these habits happen because you have no choice, but the real problem is that you do them without stopping to make a choice.

What is a habit?

You can think of a habit as a mental "shortcut".

Actions we choose to do when the time is right, like opening a window or crossing the road, are controlled by the logical (conscious) mind. There's an element of decision making or choice involved, and you're aware of doing them.

Most habits start out this way, but if you carry out the same action over and over again your mind assumes it's a useful thing to do. It is then taken over by your automatic (unconscious) mind so you can continue doing it without wasting any of your conscious attention. As an example, compare how much effort it takes to drive or write your name now with the effort it took when you first learned to do those things.

Once the unconscious mind has taken over a habit you do it so automatically you may not even realise when you are doing it. There's no longer a choice being made, and no decision making process.

Getting rid of habits

ypnotherapy can help because it works with the unconscious mind which is controlling the habit. You'll need to plan ahead, and commit to change; don't expect your habit to disappear overnight. But once you are making a choice rather than responding automatically you'll find that it's easier than you thought. How you live is up to you, and sooner or later your new, healthier behaviour should become a habit too.

Some habits can be connected to conditions, such as OCD, that require treatment from your GP. If you think this might apply to you it's wise to start there. Otherwise (or afterwards) please feel free to contact me.

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