Why do I do that? Understanding Habits

habits and why we do themHabits are things we do without really thinking about them – a kind of mental short cut that makes life more convenient by freeing up our attention for less routine activities. Stop reading for just a moment and think about how many things you do every day on ‘auto-pilot’.
Are you back now? Maybe you came up with driving, putting the same leg into your trousers first when you get dressed, where you put your keys when you come in, signing your name. I’m sure there were others. 

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8 simple mind hacks to boost your confidence

confidence boosting mind hacksMost of us experience situations where we’d like a bit more confidence, or maybe you feel your confidence is generally low. Either way, it is possible to give your confidence a boost by following these suggestions, and they’re easier than you’d think. It’s all about doing something rather than nothing, and feeling in control again. 

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Have you got a Halloween phobia?

Halloween PhobiasAs Halloween approaches, you may find certain fears being triggered in a way that is less fun than Halloween is supposed to be. Hypnotherapy can help get these fears under control. Here are some examples of unusual phobias which might be more noticeable at this time of year.


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Everything you need to know about sleeping well when quitting smoking

smokesleepInPixiov3Quitting smoking is one of the best decisions you can make, but some people find that, as their bodies adjust to being smoke-free, they don’t sleep as well as usual. In fact, a study reported in the Mirror [1] says that over two-thirds of those who went back to smoking after quitting successfully did so because of lack of sleep.

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How to reduce school-related anxieties


I recently wrote about helping your child settle into school after the summer break but, however well prepared they are, sometimes children’s problems with school go on into the whole year instead of being a minor or temporary situation.
It’s natural for children - and teenagers - to feel anxious about returning to school after the summer. Just as they get used to freedom, they have to readjust to the school routine. It’s worst for children who are starting a new school or are stressed by school anyway, for example, if they have experienced bullying or suffer from learning difficulties and don;t have the right support. There are steps parents can take to reduce the problem and soothe their child’s anxiety.

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Work toward your goals this summer

summer Most of us have a ‘to do’ list which we mentally look at but often don’t get around to. Maybe you want to get fitter, spend more time with family, or take up a new hobby. In the summer the sunshine and lighter evenings tend to mean we feel more optimistic, energized and open to change. So summer is the right time to shortlist your most important goals and start working on them. 
Keep reading for ideas for you, and a free printable for your kids.

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