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How to quit being a perfectionist

Perfectionist or Healthy Striver?Do you find yourself dismissing your efforts if they aren’t 100% right? Most of us recognise that perfectionism can make it harder to achieve anything, but recent studies have shown there is a better way. Healthy striving is the positive version of perfectionism, and it leads to a healthier state of mind. Want to know how?

Stress, depression and clutter

clutter and stressMy teen-aged daughter claimed that if she tidied her bedroom she no longer knew where things were – the clutter, at least according to her, was ‘organised’...

Breaking free

breaking free of lockdownLockdown is starting to relax, and while it’s likely to take a long time, we’re already seeing some things change back to normal. This sounds good, but it may make you feel anxious too. If it does, we are offering our best tips to help ease the transition.

5 tips to cope with loneliness

loneliness in lockdownThe COVID-19 lockdown has severely restricted everyone’s social life, and it’s likely to be a lot worse if you’re in quarantine with symptoms or if you live alone. Social distancing makes even outside interactions strange; usually, one might greet a friend on the street with a hug, but now even seeing them is far less likely. Don’t worry; lockdown won’t last forever, and here are some tips to help you in the meantime.

How to cope with uncertainty

tips to cope with uncertaintyLast month I talked about why the COVID-19 lockdown was a particularly anxiety-provoking situation and one of the issues that I raised was ‘uncertainty’. We’re uncertain about many things at the moment; 

Look after your mental health in lockdown

Look after your mental health in lockdownThe Coronavirus has brought a lot of change and challenges into all our lives. We’ve had to adapt to new daily and shopping routines, uncertainty about our jobs and finances, and our children’s schooling. Freedoms we took for granted have been removed and no-one seems quite sure what might happen next. 

Dealing with your inner critic

silence you inner criticEveryone hears their inner critic from time to time, also known as the inner judge; that voice in your mind which tells you that you should or could have done better. However difficult it is to live with, you can think of your inner critic as your mind’s way of trying to help you improve. By pointing out your ‘flaws’, it is trying to help you get past them. The problem is, however good its intentions, criticising and carping at anyone, including yourself, only makes it harder for them to do well.

How to overcome a fear of failure

fear of failureThomas Edison is supposed to have said about developing one of his inventions ‘I never failed. I just found lots of ways not to make a lightbulb’! Or words to that effect. Unfortunately, it’s not just inventing lightbulbs that has a high ‘trial and error’ factor – learning anything new comes with failures pretty much guaranteed and sometimes we learn more from them than from our successes. So, why do we worry so much about failing and how can we get past it? 

How to negotiate with your unconscious mind - and win

unconscious mindAs you will have seen elsewhere on my site, hypnotherapy is very much about using your unconscious mind and the strength you have there. But sometimes it can feel as if your unconscious is working against you. You might be keen to quit smoking, or be friends with every spider you see (well, OK, that one could be a stretch, but you know what I’m getting at). But down in the back of your mind, where you may not even be aware of it, there could be a part of you that has other ideas. 

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