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5 good reasons you should start keeping house plants

image of plants  to illustrate the article on the mental health benefits of keeping themGetting out into nature has been proven to benefit mental health [1]. But if you don’t have easy access to green space, houseplants are a convenient alternative. Not only do they keep you in touch with nature, but they also have many of the same benefits as pet-keeping [2], for example giving you something to care for, without as much commitment.

Research based tips to improve your mental health

image of laughing people, how science can help improve your mental healthWhat do you do to ensure you have good mental health? Just like physical fitness and a healthy weight, good mental health is something we should plan for and work towards, it’s not going to happen by magic or without a little bit of thought. Luckily, science has plenty of tips it can give us that are easy to fit into your everyday life and self-care routines.

A simple approach to self-hypnosis

image of pebbles and flowers to illustrate article on self hypnosisDo you think of hypnosis as something that one person ‘does’ to another; the stage magician with the audience member, or the therapist with the client. In fact, it's quite easy to bring about a trance in yourself, and there can be many benefits of doing so.

Improve your creative thinking

improve your creativity Creative thinking is not only about art and writing. Learning to think ‘outside the box’ will help you find new solutions for problems of any kind by approaching them in a new way. Even if you don't think you're naturally creative, it’s something you can learn! And being more creative can make you happier, healthier and more productive. 

How to handle criticism

how to deal with criticism - picture of a man looking upsetIt’s said that ‘sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never hurt you’. However, anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of criticism knows that words can be painful too. Criticism can be upsetting, knock your confidence, and make you feel angry or defensive. However, it can also be a useful and necessary part of learning; here are some tips on how to listen to and learn from critical comments.

Lucid dreaming guide

lucid dreamingWhat does lucid dreaming mean? it refers to dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming and dreams which you can consciously control. Most people can learn to do this, so here are some tips on how to lucid dream and how it can benefit your mental health.

Could your stress levels be causing memory loss?

is your memory loss due to stress? picture of man trying to remember something

Did you know that your stress levels can affect your memory? And, of course, if you’re unable to remember day-to-day things, that can be another source of stress which makes the problem even worse. 

The healing power of laughter

laughter and healthIt’s been said for a long time that laughter is the best medicine, and research is now proving that it does indeed have many benefits, for both physical and mental health. On its own, it’s not a cure-all, of course, but it can boost your health so you’re less likely to get sick and make it easier to recover if you are.

Pets and mental health in lockdown

pets and your mental health - image of woman hugging large dogIt is well-known that having a pet has great positive effects on mental health, and that's especially important in the current COVID climate. Did you know all these ways your pet could be helping you now? We take a look.

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