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Hypnotherapy for stress

Do you see yourself in this list?
  • always busy - never enough time to do everything that has to be done
  • problems making decisions
  • poor concentration, memory, or motivation
  • difficulty making or carrying out plans
  • a feeling of being out of control or not being able to cope
  • change in sleeping patterns (finding it hard to sleep, or hard to wake up!)
  • change in eating patterns (e.g. eating for comfort or sudden lack of appetite)
  • drop in confidence or self-esteem
  • turning more often to caffeine, alcohol or tobacco
  • getting irritable or bad tempered over things that wouldn't normally bother you
  • experiencing anxiety or panic in situations where you think you should be calm
  • headaches, palpitations of the heart, stomach/digestive problems
  • catching every little cold, infection and bug that's going around
  • a sensation that you never feel really well or enjoy life

Yes? These are typical symptoms of stress, and the more of them you are experiencing the more likely it is that your stress levels are having an impact on how you feel.


We get stressed when we feel the demands that are being placed on us are more than we can really cope with. Stress can be caused by one-off life events (accidents, divorce, illness, bereavement, moving house) or by ongoing situations (e.g. money worries, arguments at home or work, discrimination or bullying).

It's true that you sometimes can't avoid the situations that make you feel stressed, but I can help you to learn coping strategies which give you more 'resilience' - the ability to cope with them better. Once you feel more in control the symptoms of negative stress stop holding you back.


Stress Management is a particular interest of mine, and I have a number of specialist qualifications and can offer a variety of techniques to help you in dealing with it. So, wherever your stress comes from I can help you to

  • understand why you are having difficulty in dealing with stressful situations
  • reduce or avoid the negative effects of stress
  • respond more positively and constructively to stress in the future
  • increase your sense of well-being generally so you feel better able to cope

When working with stress I use a variety of techniques including coaching, hypnotherapy, and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) which makes your course of therapy unique to you and your situation.

Some of the signs of stress mentioned above can also be caused by physical conditions that need to be treated by your GP; if this applies to you it's wise to get them checked out. 

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I am a well-trained and experienced hypnotherapist who will always do my best to help you achieve your goals, however, the results of therapy will vary.

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